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Kindergarten and more

2007-09-11 11:10:48 by Youdagames

Kindergarten has made it to the front page of Newgrounds!

Thanks, Tom, for placing Kindergarten on the front line!

We hope that you gamers will love playing Kindergarten. Kindergarten the latest game from Youda Games. Be sure to walk through the tutorial level first. It gives you more understanding of the things you can do at a certain point and what not... For example Feeding a bottle can only be done in a chair and toys can only be given on the carpet or in the play pen. The function of the mouse shake!!!
Lots of these things are explained in the tutorial.

Youda Games is trying to develop at least one new game per month!

Keep your eyes peeled, because we have more new games in development that are coming your way soon!

Game on, have fun, and play hard!

-The Youda Games Team


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2007-09-11 15:00:23

I thought you were gonna complain that some little kids show from 1892 isn't on Nick anymore.

Congratz on front page

Youdagames responds:

Yeah where is that little kids show????
LOL just kidding.


2007-09-12 15:41:48

Is there some kind of full version because when buying things it says something about a full version.

Youdagames responds:

The demo is on NG. They buy button gets you the fullversion. :)
After you have downloaded the version that needs installation, you can be sure that you have the full version!


2007-10-20 10:42:48

Congrats your on miniclip hahaha


2007-12-07 11:54:13

thanks for all your games ive seen like kindergarten,skies of war,rail of war
and if there are any other games let me know


2011-10-06 20:01:12

'Youda Games: Time to pay'.